Lakewood Amateur Radio Club

The Lakewood Amateur Radio Club is involved in Emergency Preparedness Communications (Field Day), experimental project building and the interaction between new advanced electronic and traditional communication equipment. New members are encouraged to be inventors, creators, Makers, who can bring their skills and find a welcoming environment for construction and testing of their projects. We purposely chose a microwave repeater system just to advance the art of repeater communications.

Please feel free to explore our website and Contact Us regarding membership if you are in the Southern California area.

Current projects include: Linux-based repeater controllers, VLF communications, vintage electronic restoration/modification, electronic communications, digital communications, DX-ing, microwave communications, field day planning, station automation, experimental antenna construction, Solid State Amplifier construction, Military Green Radio's, mobile communications and the occasional project as it presents itself.

We are proud to announce that L.A.R.C. is now an ARRL affiliated club. We support and encourage membership in the League both for its tireless advocacy of Amateur Radio and the benefits it provides its members.

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